Kinergy Eco

Kinergy Eco's Fuel Saving Technology was developed by combining new materials, such as nano-scale silica particles, using new mixing technology. These technologies help improve both fuel efficiency and wet braking performance.

This tyre was designed to satisfy customers riding comfort as well as maximising fuel efficiency. This combination of comfort and efficiency was made possible through the use of Hankook’s vibration control technology.


1. Optimised pitch sequence
Ensures more quiet ride and better handling.

2. Optimised block stiffness
Improves dry handling performance.

3. Wide straight three channeled groove
Ensured excellent performance in wet driving conditions.

4. Lateral shoulder grooves
Designed to improve handling Shoulder Rib Block on dry roads and reduce then any decline in performance under rainy conditions and ride.

5. Sawtooth type technology
Improves dry handling without sacrificing wet handling ability.

Kinergy Eco