Ventus V2 Concept2

The Ventus V2 concept2 is a new concept in High-Performance All-Season driving. It provides dynamic style along with exceptional performance.

An optimized tyre profile design helps to minimize deformation of the tyre's contact patch offering improved handling performance and durability.


  1. A High-Density Nylon Reinforced Belt design has been incorporated into the Ventus V2 concept2 to aid in maintaining optimal tyre contact pressure, maximizing overall cornering and handling performance.
  2. A 3D tread block design and solid center rib have been incorporated into the Ventus V2 concept2 to provide optimal braking and handling performance.
  3. A Noise Control Block has been designed into the shoulder tread of the Ventus V2 concept2 to help minimize unwanted road noise. Optimal Kerf Design helps to control both noise and wear by providing uniform block stiffness. Straight rib blocks located on the tyre's shoulder help to control frictional noise.
  4. Excellent contact patch water drainage performance is achieved by incorporating four wide, straight circumferential grooves and a V-shaped pattern design. 4 wide main grooves offer optimal handling performance in wet conditions
  5. The Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) siping system offers drivers an easy way to check tyre alignment by comparing tyre wear on both the inside and outside of the tyre's contact patch.

Ventus V2 Concept2